Travelling Light

Travelling Light or Travelling Right?

Published on 13th February 2017

Everyone who’s used to travelling regularly on business thinks they’re super-organised and have all eventualities covered. But do they? Let us share some of the top trade secrets…

Travel Like a Skinflint

You might have all your travel arrangements covered by a dedicated corporate booking service. If so, good for you. If not, then there are several online tools and resources that will help you compare prices, save time and in all likelihood money too. Skyscanner is invaluable for flights but has also extended its reach to things like car hire. Use the Trainline and avoid being stung by exorbitant ‘on the day’ rail fares between UK cities. And if you have time to spare, MoneySavingExpert’s TicketySplit finds you cheaper rail journey routes by separating your journey.

Feel the Power

Whether you’re at 30,000 feet or 5 feet above the train tracks, everyone wants the flexibility to work when not at their desk. So, you don’t want to run out of laptop juice or find your smartphone is dead when you’re trying to navigate in an unfamiliar city.

Portable power packs might not be the most glamorous travel accessory but you should regard them as a travel essential. AmazonBasics are great for pocket-sized packs perfect for phones, and an Energizer XP18000a could run your laptop for most of the day.

Netflix and Chill?

OK, maybe not but don’t deny yourself a bit of light entertainment when you’re travelling. Evening train journeys, delayed flights and unwinding after work away from home equals time to switch off.

There’s no need to lug hardbacks around when e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle allow you to carry a whole library with you. For those who just can’t indulge in their guilty pleasures, podcasts are a good change of pace with the likes of like The Slack Variety Pack or Back To Work providing sound yet informal business advice to inspire you ahead of your next crucial meeting.

Ditch the Guidebook

When you’ve got a 10 kg carry-on allowance, you don’t want to be lugging around city guides. But equally you do want to be in the know when it comes to getting around a new city, where to eat and so on. Citymapper is an excellent resource for London and wherever you find yourself, and Time Out or Barchick are great for identifying that ideal lunch spot or for after-work entertainment.

Pack Like a Pro

If you can do without checked luggage and manage with carry-on, you’ll save yourself time and energy. Who wants to haul suitcases onto public transport! Plan carefully in terms of what you really need to take on your trip and don’t pack the kitchen sink. Tumi and Samsonite both provide tremendous options in terms of price and often almost weightless packing solutions in practical sizes.

Sleep Smarter

At Dreamhouse, our apartments are all perfectly located, whichever city you happen to be visiting. Ideally situated for when work calls, our private and luxuriously appointed apartments give you so much more than a hotel when it comes to kicking back on your own time.

When you’re planning your next business trip, think smarter and call us at Dreamhouse Apartments to make your stay perfect.