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Helping you settle in to your brand new city.

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The help you need for a smooth, stress-free move

Relocating to a new city is exciting and something to grab with both hands. But it’s also stressful and time-consuming. Here at Dreamhouse we’ll help smooth the process of finding your new home. Our Relocation experts offer lots of practical, tailored advice essential for a hitch-free move.

Helping you connect

Across each of the cities we operate in – Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester – we’re your first point of contact. As well as helping you connect with essential services like gas, electricity and broadband suppliers, we can also point you in the direction of reliable local tradespeople.

Dreamhouse provides our company with quality serviced accommodation in fantastic central locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Their meet-and-greet service, speed of response and customer care is next to none. Keep up the good work!

- Alex Sikorsky, Business Development Manager, Santa Fe Relocation Services -

Rely on the expert in your corner

When you’re settling into a new location it’s a great feeling to have a knowledgeable local in your corner. And remember, we’ll also find you a beautiful, fully serviced Dreamhouse apartment to live in prior to your permanent move.

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Business Travellers

We understand the importance of feeling at home in a different city. Dreamhouse business accommodation solutions offer comfort and flexibility at a lower price than hotels.

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Corporate Travel Managers

From outstanding savings to matters of practicality, serviced apartments offer a number of benefits over hotels. Our team works tirelessly to provide a seamless booking experience and to make your employees feel at home.

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Accommodation Bookers

Our experience enables us to provide the perfect solution for your purposes. Whether you’re looking for accommodation for a night, a month, or even a year, our team is here to take the strain out of accommodation booking.

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