There’s No Place Like Home

Published on 28th October 2016

Never a truer word was said and anyone who travels regularly on business knows that the novelty of hotel life soon wears thin! Nine times out of ten the experience doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re in your ‘home from home’.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

After a very early start, you’ve flown or travelled by train to your destination and then probably spent the whole day in meetings and ended up working late. You then face the queue at your hotel reception and the joys of a lengthy check-in. When you finally get to your room you’re faced with the unenviable choice of getting ready to go back out for dinner or savour room service perched on the edge of your bed!

Change your perspective

It doesn’t need to be like this though. Imagine at the end of the day being able to come home to your own private, modern and spacious apartment. Centrally situated, your apartment was chosen for its easy access to all city amenities. And the good news doesn’t stop there…

Home Comforts and Home Cooking

Not only will you have room to spread out, there’s no need to use the bed as your desk. In fact, you’ll find your apartment is bigger than most hotels rooms with room to separate your relaxation space from your work space. The home comforts don’t end with high quality furniture and fittings; you’ll also have the benefit of a full kitchen. Whether you’re ordering in or cooking a full three course meal, you’ll certainly have the advantage over room service!

All at a Pretty Price

And who would have guessed that you can access all of these benefits for less than the cost of an equivalent hotel stay? That’s right – your apartment will on average cost 30% less than your hotel booking. What’s more, there’s additional cost savings to be had! Whether you’re tallying up the cost of restaurant dining, extra fees for hotel WiFi or having to hire meeting venues, you’ll find your apartment gives you the flexibility to avoid all of these.

So, the next time you’re facing the prospect of booking your business trip, talk to us at Dreamhouse Apartments and we’ll take you to your home from home.