Dreamouse Apartments bedroom

Sweet Dreams at Dreamhouse

Published on 23rd October 2015

The Dreamhouse Guide to better dreams

When you stay at Dreamhouse Apartments you’ll find yourself in a spacious apartment to unwind. After having a look around, you’ll spy the bedroom… and the inviting beds. You’ll think it’s too early to hit-the-hay but your brain is saying “Boy! That looks like it’ll give me a good nights sleep.” Well, of course it will, this is Dreamhouse after all!

But how can you guarantee a good night’s sleep? In truth you can’t, but we can offer some advice when it comes to having better dreams.



The music you listen to before bed can improve or worsen your dreams. One could say that it is a matter of opinion, due to what music you personally find relaxing but faster beats and jarring rhythms will lead to raised heartbeats and possible increases in adrenaline. Ask yourself, would you rather the soundtrack of your dreams to be likened to being chased by a pack of wolves or to floating on a lilo in a pool while sipping cocktails. Similarly, avoid horror films or intense thrillers before bed as there’s nothing quite like the echoes of teenagers screaming in your ears to keep you awake and stressed! Sounds obvious, really.

Some swear by white noise machines. They’re little speakers that produce noises such as the sea lapping at the shore, or static noise. Some studies have shown that listening to natural environmental noises can trigger calmer dreams.



Avoid going to bed hungry as you will suffer from a lot of tossing and turning. For those who enjoy lucid dreaming, try eating foods containing tryptophan. This chemical may improve serotonin receptors in the brain, and can be found in pumpkin seeds, salmon, chicken and more.


Dream visualisation

Scientist believe that within 5 minutes of waking up the memory of a dream fades considerably. So, keep a pen and paper handy and write that dream down! Starting a dream journal may also improve your dream memory recall making dreams more satisfying.


Stress reduction

As with music and film, you should avoid stressful activities, such as work projects, exercising or arguing before bed, all these factors will lead to a bad nights sleep, and bad dreams.

Reduce stress by doing yoga, or meditating before bed. Meditation comes in many forms, it does not necessarily mean sitting on a mountaintop, crossed-legged and chanting “Om” over and over. Do something relaxing that requires little concentration, such as focussing on your breathing or counting sheep.


There are many other methods that people will claim are good for a health nights sleep, from practising good sleep hygiene to not looking at a screen for an hour before bed. Whichever way you choose to search for that perfect nights sleep; booking a Dreamhouse Apartment is the best first step.