The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens is a museum and glasshouse that is situated to the East End of Glasgow in Glasgow Green and was opened in 1898. Opened for the unhealthy and overcrowded parts of Glasgow to provide a cultural centre for the local people, the area was originally used for reading and recreation rooms with a museum and gallery on the upper floors.

Playing host to over 280,000 visitors per year, the Palace has been used as a museum of social history for the city of Glasgow since the 1940’s, telling the story of the people and the city of Glasgow from 1750 to the present day. The various collections show the Glaswegians at home as well as working and doing leisure activities, with current displays looking at life in a one roomed home ‘single end’ to nights out and trips down the firth of Clyde.

Visit the website of the People’s Palace and the Winter Gardens.

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