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What Is Luxury Accommodation for the Business Traveler?

Published on 15th November 2014

If you travel often for business you know what hassle it can be to live in a hotel – you have no privacy, your accommodation space is limited, you are under constant surveillance by hidden cameras, you have to eat what they provide – the list goes on and on. That is where luxury accommodation comes in. This is very different from staying in a hotel. Instead, you stay in luxury furnished apartments that give you the comfort and coziness that you would get in your home. Dreamhouse, for example, is one company that provides luxury accommodation for travelers in the UK.

Why Luxury Apartments?

It is cheaper than staying in a hotel. Many people don’t realize that for less than they would pay in a hotel they can get a better quality experience staying in a luxury apartment.

  • You have more space that is better equipped. This can be a big advantage if you will be having business meetings or entertaining guests.
  • Corporates can get discounts for bulk bookings.
  • Because you get a fully serviced kitchen you can eat whatever you want. If you cannot cook you can ask the company to provide someone to prepare meals for you.
  • There is no disturbance by maids and other hotel staff.
  • You can get the apartment customized to exactly what you need.
  • It becomes easier to travel with your family – they don’t have to bear living in a hotel which can be quite inconvenient if you have children.

Can You Use Luxury Accommodation When You Are Not On Business?

There is no reason why you cannot. Take your partner for a romantic break where you can have all the privacy you need. Your family could also use a break and because you don’t want to all be crammed in a hotel room or staying in different rooms, luxury apartments are a cheaper and better option. You can also bring your pet along – most hotels don’t allow guests to have pets. Apartments can be found in quiet suburban areas or right in the city center so it is really up to you to choose whatever is suitable for you.

How do I Book?

Booking is simple – it is exactly like you do a hotel booking. You can call or book online. If you choose an excellent luxury apartment company like Dreamhouse you will be given your own Business Account Manager who you can call any time if you have a question or concern. For corporate that have many executives travelling through the year it is recommended that you pursue a discount deal and reduce your costs even further.

Choose to stay in a luxury apartment the next time you travel; you’ll be happy that you did.