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Eight top tips for busting business travel stress

Published on 29th March 2017

Whilst travelling for business delivers chances to visit new places, it’s not without its challenges. And whether you’re taking the plane, the train or the automobile, the chances are that at some point stress will tag along too. Often it’s the unwanted companion on many business trips. But being on the road needn’t be a headache. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination with eight stress-busting tips – and our pick of apps – to help you relax en-route and beyond.

Don’t forget the last leg

You’ve arrived in London. Or Glasgow. Or any of the cities where your Dreamhouse apartment awaits. But if you find yourself in an unfamiliar town, the last thing you want is to be unfolding a map or negotiating routes in a busy city centre. So plan this final – and often forgotten – stage of your trip before you set off.

At you’ll find interactive local maps for every one of our properties. Perfect if you’re planning a stroll from the station. For drivers – check your apartment address online and remember to load up the satnav.

Right to not reply

Autoresponders. Old hat? After all, emails now arrive pretty much any place any time. But receiving and replying are two different things. WiFi coldspots, meetings, being 30,000-feet in the air. When you’re on the road – or in the clouds – there are lots of reasons why you can’t, or might not want to, get back to an email immediately. So give yourself some breathing space with an out-of-office response. That way you can travel easy, certain that your trip-specific message is getting the word out there.

Head to the cloud

And speaking of clouds, it’s a great idea to park copies of presentations, reports and handouts safely online.

Unlike a briefcase or bag, the cloud doesn’t get forgotten in taxis or left in overhead bins. So make storage solutions like Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft’s OneDrive part of your business-travel kit. Why not cloud-store your travel documents and a copy of your passport too? And for the extra cautious, locate local print shops around your destination. They could save the day in an emergency.

Look after number one

Load your mobile with any numbers connected with your trip. This is one of our best tips for a stress-free time away. Numbers might include an office you’re travelling to, a client’s business or a restaurant you’ve earmarked. You could begin with 0845 226 0232 – our number here at Dreamhouse.

Appy trails

The business traveller is well-served with countless innovative apps for Android and Apple. Pack your pocket before you set out and you can save time money – and stress. Here are a few we recommend:

  • SeatGuru: 33F? 12A? Take the guesswork out of bagging your ideal spot on the plane. Maybe you’re looking for extended legroom? Electrical sockets? A full recline? This clever app will show you to the seat you’re searching for. By basing recommendations on the actual seat plans of popular aircraft, SeatGuru helps welcome you aboard for a stress-free journey. You can buy trips straight from the app too, and also check flight status.
  • Tripit: A powerful one-stop app that takes the agony out of itineraries and travel planning. As well as creating detailed itineraries from your confirmation emails, Tripit offers maps and directions. This app also makes it easy to share your travel plans. Perfect for keeping colleagues in the loop.
  • Tiny Scanner: Not strictly a travel app, but with space on planes and trains at a premium, you’ll be glad you packed this super-handy innovation. Tiny Scanner turns your smartphone into – you guessed it – an instant handheld scanner. Great for zapping and storing notes, tickets receipts and maps.
  • WiFi Finder: This does-what-it-says-on-the-tin app makes hunting down both free and paid-for WiFi access a snap. For the connected business traveller, this is one app you’ll be thankful tagged along for the ride.
  • Zomato: Quickly locate a restaurant, cafe or bar with this popular foodie app. As well as telling you where to grab a bite, you can also find out what to expect via menus, reviews and photos.

Make a list – and make it last

If the idea of listing things for a trip turns you off, compare it to the idea of being apart from something essential you’ve left at home. Make a comprehensive list and you’ll only need to do it once. Sort of (you’ll find yourself supplementing it, but that’s not a big deal). As a general rule, make a checklist that includes: clothing, medication, gadgets, documents, currency. You get the idea. You can use a note app like ColorNote, or check out PackPoint – a packing app that does the hard work for you.

Pack your power

Even if you’re prepared for the big presentation, your laptop may not be. So don’t let it run out of zap halfway. Pack your adaptors and chargers. Without them even the most sophisticated gadget is useless. Charge everything before you set off – and remember to make use of charging ports offered by airports and on trains. Investigate power adaptors that charge multiple devices too. They’ll save you luggage space.

Treat yourself

Go on. If you can find a little downtime at your destination, taking in the sights and attractions can help you de-stress and switch off for a while. Dreamhouse apartments are centrally located so have a search online to see what’s going on nearby. And don’t forget to check out the city guides right here on our blog.  Pushed for time? Why not bring a favourite book or DVD along for the ride? Or grab a takeaway to enjoy in your apartment. They’re small luxuries, but they’ll help you wind down in a big way.