Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival 2014

Published on 11th August 2014

Five Great Shows to See in Edinburgh this Festival Season

1. The James Plays

Venue: Festival Theatre 10th – 20th August

A trilogy by Rona Munro based in the 15th century, about three generations of Stuart Kings – James I, II and III, who ruled Scotland. Starring Sofie Grabol, aka Sarah Lund who plays Queen Margaret in the third of these plays, this is most definitely a jewel in the festival’s crown.

Catch it before it transfers to London’s National Theatre in September!

2. The Trial of Jane Fonda

Venue: Assembly Rooms until 30th August

Oscar nominee Anne Archer (Michael Douglas’s wife in Fatal Attraction) plays the lead role as Jane Fonda, anti Vietnam War campaigner. It is based on events that took place in the June 1988 when she met with war veterans who tried to stop her filming the movie Stanley & Iris, (co starring Robert De Niro) as they objected to her actions and photos which were taken of her taken in Hanoi in 1972, when she visited a military base and posed on an anti aircraft gun, which belonged to the Vietnamese and was designed to shoot US soldiers.

This get-together is the nub of the play and provides an insight into how such a high profile actress became engulfed by the war and the aftermath.


3. No Turn Unstoned

Venue: Assembly Checkpoint 14th – 23th August

Dame Diana Rigg performs excerpts from her book, a collection of “the worst theatrical reviews in history”, some of which date back to Ancient Greece. A highly entertaining reflection delivered by the impressive Dame.

 4. Inala with Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Venue: Edinburgh Playhouse 10th – 12th August

Only 2 days left to catch this stunning show. Dancers from the Rambert and Royal Ballet mix classical and contemporary dance with Zulu song. Do you remember almost 30 years ago their collaboration with Paul Simon?


 5. Rainbow’s From Diamonds

Venue: Gilded Ballroom 14th – 24th August

The flamboyant Nancy Dell’Olio makes her stage debut at the Edinburgh Fringe and divulges her secrets on living her “self empowered life”, going beyond the glitz in her one woman show.

She hopes people will get an insight to the real her; the person that is not often represented through the media coverage that she so readily attracts; from arriving at No 10 in a red sequin spangled cat suit to dancing herself off Strictly, Nancy with her legal background has more to offer than being the former WAG to England’s former Football Manager.

What will this next chapter hold?