Dreamhouse: A haven for Business Travellers

Published on 7th September 2015


Here at Dreamhouse, we’re no stranger to the plight of Business Travellers. Many weary suits have been hung in a Dreamhouse wardrobe and countless executives have kicked back on a Dreamhouse sofa. The reason why… Well it’s obvious, isn’t it?

100665481-businessman-angry-working-at-laptop-gettyp.1910x1000A poll of business travellers highlighted the many grievances of the corporate nomad, citing issues such as dull bathroom lighting, forgetting to check in online for a flight, and missing breakfast among the myriad annoyances. Not being able to find your hotel was one of the more interesting issues, but then again, we all have that Friday feeling once in awhile… don’t we?

We can think of a few of our own too, from poky hotel rooms to having to pay for WiFi; it’s a minefield! It’s no wonder then that the more seasoned traveller will, over time, develop their favourites in cities all over the world.

Dreamhouse have you covered

Our serviced apartments offer you the ability to set your own breakfast time, because it’s your kitchen and you’re the chef (and who knows what you like for breakfast better than you?). We have free high-speed broadband that isn’t shared between 40 rooms, so you can connect and check-in for your outbound flight without the frustration of having to top up your internet allowance or wander down a hallway to get reception. Needless to say, our bathrooms are well lit too.

It’s no wonder we see a lot of the same faces come through our doors. Whether it is Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester or London, Dreamhouse Apartments continue to be a Business travellers accommodation of choice.

As for that screaming baby on your flight; we can’t help you there.

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