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Business Accommodation

Published on 12th November 2014

Traveling for business can be stressful for many different reasons. Being outside of the comfort of your own home and away from your normal schedule can be difficult.

Many feel as though they are living out of suitcases for the entire time they are away and find that they are inconvenienced when traveling because they are often forced to eat all of their meals at restaurants that can be costly and impersonal.

Being less stressed on a business trip is something that most business people would love to be able to accomplish.One of the most common reasons for feeling uncomfortable or stressed during business travel is the need to stay in hotel rooms. Hotels are often very small and only offer a few of the luxuries of home. There is typically only a bathroom, a bed, a television, and perhaps tea and coffee making facilities. This can seem quite sparse when compared to being at home. The cost of staying in hotels can be very expensive when calculating nightly rates and room service or restaurant costs. It seems for the amount being paid to stay in a hotel room, there would be far more amenities available to the business traveller.

There is a better option available for business accommodation and that is staying in luxury serviced apartments. Luxury serviced apartments offer better business accommodation for travellers and often at a more affordable rate than hotels. As an example, apartments like Dreamhouse Apartments can be booked in that same way as a hotel room for a more comfortable living arrangement when traveling on business. Luxury serviced apartments offer larger living quarters on average than a typical hotel room. This can make a business trip much more comfortable for the traveler, more of a home from home accommodation.

These types of apartments offer more amenities than a hotel.  Many of them offer things like refrigerators, couches, and microwaves as part of the standard facilities. This enables a business person to purchase their own groceries and store them safely. Not only is this more convenient than eating out for every meal, it is also much more cost effective and flexible. Couches are often not found in hotels but you can certainly find them in luxury serviced apartments.The couches are often large enough to seat several people and are in great condition for a higher-end experience. Décor and furnishings are updated often to keep their guests happy. For companies that send their employees on business a lot, it’s a smart way to keep costs down and increase comfort simultaneously.
Cost is a large factor when considering where to stay on lengthy business trips. Companies often pay the accommodations of their employees and saving money can be a major concern. The cost of staying in a hotel can become extremely expensive when compared to apartments. Being able to stay in larger and more comfortable accommodations at a lower cost is a great way to keep employees happy and expenses down.