Book a Dreamhouse Apartment for your Conferences

Published on 25th September 2015

As part of its State of the Industry report , The Business Magazine C&IT spoke to leading convention centres, hotels, sporting, entertainment and academic venues, to gain a comprehensive picture of challenges and opportunities from the supplier side.

Dreamhouse Apartments is very happy that the majority of venues surveyed say that overall, they have witnessed an increase in the number of events taking place to date, attributing this to the economic recovery and the resulting increase in business confidence, as well as the recent General Election.

Venues have also experienced an increase in bookings for busier periods of the year, with many saying they have already taken more Christmas bookings for 2015 compared to this time last year.

Another trend is an increase in events focusing on staff development and training. Simon Hunter, head of value & brand at Chelsea Football Club, says there has been a notable growth in bookings with a shorter lead time, specifically for training and examination-style events.  Rachael Bartlett, head of sales and marketing at Warwick Conferences, believes this focus on training is a result of staff development becoming more of a priority for UK businesses. “Conferences and events are becoming larger in size and training programmes more frequent as businesses seek to strengthen their workforce,”

So if you are an exhibitor, delegate, trainee or trainer why not stay with Dreamhouse Apartments and enjoy the benefits of a “home away” from home.