Arthurs seat

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Arthurs Seat and the group of hills that surrounds it forms most of Holyrood Park and is located in the centre of Edinburgh, a mile east from Edinburgh Castle. Standing at a height of 822ft (250.5 metres), it provides hill walkers with panoramic views of the City of Edinburgh, and it is relatively easy for visitors to climb with a number of routes available depending on difficulty. It is the largest of the three parts that make up Arthur’s Seat Volcano and it is a site of special scientific interest, designed to protect important geology, grassland and uncommon plant and animal species.

Whilst visiting Arthur’s seat, visitors are advised to look out for the remains of St Anthony’s chapel, which is the only building remaining in Holyrood Park. Although little is known about the chapel, it is thought to have been built in the 1300’s as an outlaying chapel for Holyrood Abbey.

Visit the Arthur’s Seat website to plan your walk to the top.