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Business relocation solutions

If your business is increasing in size or opening a new office or outlet in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Manchester, a Dreamhouse apartment could be the answer to your temporary or short term accommodation requirements.

Possibly you have just been appointed to a new role or position in one of our UK cities and you need to take up your new role before you have had a chance to find a more permanent accommodation solution.

You, your colleagues or your business may be relocating business to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London or Manchester and you are looking for short, medium or longer term accommodation solutions for you and your colleagues in the area.

With Dreamhouse you are not restricted to minimum six month options and have greater flexibility to shape the term of your stay to meet your particular needs to as long as you want.

Choose a place with more space and greater flexibility where your family and friends can also come to visit.

Getting familiar with the range of locations and the local areas is essential before making a long term housing commitment so utilise a Dreamhouse apartment in the short term as a base for getting to know the area. We have various business relocation services to suit your needs.

Contact our team for advice on your chosen city and see how Dreamhouse can help make your relocation as smooth a transition as possible!  Email [email protected] or call 08452260232

  • +44 (0)845 226 0232

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